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BY IMELDA was created in 1987 under the direction of Imelda Sánchez García. Its initial activity consisted on the creation of handbags of a very young line, sportive,  although later on the company has been broadening its offer of articles with the incorporation of more classic lines and other leather accessories. 

Their most outstanding products are those created with French and Italian coconuts, National bovine leather, snake, crocodile, ostrich and ostrich leg.

In order to treat these materials they employ specially qualified staff. All their designs bear a certificate of quality, both of materials and of manufacturing due to the quality controls of raw materials, fabrication and distribution.

BY IMELDA has been evolving through out the last years on the grounds of dynamism and flexibility being able to adapt themselves to the changes undergone by the sector and by fashion. Therefore, they have attended National and International Fairs being updated with innovative materials and machinery.

We can find “By Imeldaproducts in shops all around Spain and abroad as their immediate target is the exhibition of their products.

By Imelda Calle Tercera 19, 37188, Polígono Industrial Montalvo III, Carbajosa de la Sagrada (Salamanca) Tel. 923 208 225
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